Monday, September 7, 2009

Our first ride on 4-wheelers

Yes, I know... I can't believe I let them ride them. But, they rode with my cousin Jill and went very SLOW!! Jill's husband Jay was so sweet to say that I could drive them on it. I wisely decided that was not a good idea! We had a wonderful time visiting family in TyTy, GA celebrating my grandmother Merle's 80th B'day. Don't be shocked when Chris and I sell everything and move out to the country (don't laugh...I could be a country girl!). Being a Jill and Jay's made me so envious of the simle beauty that they wake up to and go home to every day! Hunter, Jackson, Cannon and Lauren had a great time playing with their cousin Bryson. He was so sweet to share all of his toys with us. We look forward to the next visit!


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